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About us

Some words about us


MNS Aviation is a Moroccan distributor of non-metallic consumables and is considered by its customers as a total service provider. MNS-ADS is committed to providing quality products and associated services to satisfy the needs of our customers. MNS-ADS is a “customer focused” organisation.

MNS aviation (through the results of the management review of the QMS, customer satisfaction, results from internal audit and additional periodic analysis of performance) is committed to the continual improvement at all levels and within all functions of the organisation. Procedures and processes are in place for all areas of the organisation. The procedures and processes in place ensure compliance with all of the aims and objectives identified at management and director level.

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Quality Commitment

We, the management and employees of MNS Aviation, are committed to comply continuously to the needs and requirements of our customers. At the same time we will ensure the profitability of our company, by focusing on the following objectives:

• Customer Satisfaction
• Quality Performance Measurement
• Employee Training


Whether you’re an aircraft owner, working at an FBO or are a procurement manager at a world class airline, you’ve come to the right place. We have the products, knowledge and experience to help you find what you need and get it shipped to your doorstep.


MNS Aviation will grow market share in a profitable manner through innovation, ongoing maintenance of our product line, service and motivated employees.


Our objective is to offer aerospace companies quality specialty chemicals from a reliable single source. Single Source Procurement Solutions combined with Just-In-Time deliveries are implemented with our customers to reduce cost and to increase performance.

Our Values

high values to achieve our goals.

MNS Aviation’s values reflect how we treat our customers, our partners and our co-workers. These values drive us to achieve the goals set for our work; to shoulder responsibility and strive for sustainable development. They define our beliefs and rules and fuel our driving force:

  • We know the needs of our customers and continuously endeavor to comply to, or exceed their expectations.
  • We take responsibility for our actions and strive for the best performance.
  • We take the initiative to generate innovative solutions,ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems.
  • We continuously develop ourselves and are open for change.
  • We are thoughtful of and are showing regard for another person.
  • We appreciate and support each other.
  • We share knowledge, cooperate and discuss openly.
  • We consider honesty as the foundation upon which our company builds long-term relationships.
  • We act with high ethics and integrity.
  • We are reliable and deliver what we promise