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We can create your most innovative and colorful ideas. Whether your new livery is fitted with 50 gradients or 100 distinct colors, the design and modeling of your image will be created to minimize installation time and optimize stages of painting.

We can create all necessary stencils to identify your aircraft in a fast and permanent way. Our method is designed so that your fleet appears the same quickly and easily. We provide your installation plans! Indeed, you will see your image in the sky indefinitely. This is why it is essential for your image to be properly affixed/applied, in appearance as well as depth.

The designs will be adapted for several different types of aircraft or vehicles according to your needs. Now, everything is possible to optimize your image!



See your brand take off to own the skies!
Standardization of leased aircraft is an important issue. Temporary covering is the quickest and most effective solution for your rental needs. It`s the modern way to customize branding on your fleet.

You can now brand your aircraft for a period of less than a year over more than 80% of the surface without worrying about chemicals coming into contact with the decals. Your thematic liveries can now be realized according to your requirements. We offer the latest technology in terms of Colorimetry and resistance to external factors such as corrosion, freezing, thawing, depressurization, etc.

All our installations are adapted to your fleet.
Our team can create custom designs to celebrate the 25th anniversary of your company, the official flight of an aircraft, a marketing campaign, or even to celebrate the holiday season. We are ready to make any of your projects look even more entertaining. The liveries are created with care by our team with great attention to detail and quality.


Our one-step installation process offers greater graphic creativity than paint
libelluleMonde Can reduce or eliminate VOC emissions associated with paint
libelluleMonde Installs faster than painting (with cure time), which gives you less downtime
libelluleMonde Products designed and tested for aircraft adhesion, durability, resistance to fluids and UV
libelluleMonde We offer perforated films for pressurized areas of aircraft to support changes in pressure, which helps prevent large bubbles
libelluleMonde Products are protected with a clear coat to reduce the harmful effects of UV light and other harsh environmental elements
libelluleMonde Products provide reliable performance in fluctuating temperatures and harsh conditions
libelluleMonde Products are durable for maximum performance life
libelluleMonde Products can be easily cleaned with common cleaning solutions
libelluleMonde Products are covered by a specific guarantee
libelluleMonde Fast turnaround times, which means reduced inventories
libelluleMonde Installation drawings and maintenance manual provided

You want to renew your outdated image? Treat yourself to this rejuvenation cure. Don’t let the appearance of your fleet harm your reputation. Instead, improve your status with customers with a fresh new image!

We offer a rejuvenation service to give your entire fleet a refreshed look. This service can be quickly executed according to each parameter you are facing. Whatever your product, we will find the solution.

Special Theme
Since the beginning of LibelluleMonde, we have helped our customers make their important events stand out by performing complete thematic skins both outside and inside their vehicles or aircraft. We can help you highlight your important events by creating complete exterior and interior themes adapted to your needs.