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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I get replacement goods?

In circumstances where goods are returned at Sil-Mid Limited’s cost, we will issue you with replacement goods. We have so few returns that they are usually dealt with on a case by case basis and the solution, as far as is possible, will be an agreement between both parties.

On occasion, there can be a lead time to obtain replacement goods. We will always advise you of the anticipated lead time.

Our Customer Services Team works hard to resolve all issues in a timely and satisfactory manner so please feel free to discuss options with them.

My company has a contract price list, will I see this online?

If you are registered against the correct company account then you will be able to see any agreed pricing online.

Will I still get an order acknowledgment?

Your web order confirmation is your Order Acknowledgement and shows the MNS AviationOrder Reference for your order.

Tip: Please include your MNS Order Reference in all communications, it really helps us respond more quickly to any queries.

How to place an order online?

Ordering online at mnsaviation.com is quick and easy. Once registered users can access order history, data sheets, back order reports and more.

How do I find the UN number and Commodity Code of an Item?

You can find UN Number and Commodity Code information online