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Your client asks you for the impossible for his jet? Offer a fully custom Interior that reflects his image!

Interior designs and advertising are one of our most versatile products. We can create a custom image according to your needs for your cabin walls, shelves, racks, carts and many other surfaces

Our printing service enables you to change the image as needed so you benefit from excellent business opportunities by broadcasting advertisements of your customers and partners. You get infinite possibilities of designs!




  • libelluleMonde   Various possibilities of personalized images
  • libelluleMonde   Anti-graffiti
  • libelluleMonde   Recycling of trolley panels
  • libelluleMonde   Resists high pressure cleaning
  • libelluleMonde   Resists a high range of temperatures (between entre 0 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • libelluleMonde   Soap resistant
  • libelluleMonde   Textures velvet/matte
  • libelluleMonde   Extends equipment flight time
  • libelluleMonde   Fast turnaround times meaning reduced inventories
  • libelluleMonde   Inventory support (including in-house storage for your products)