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Identification markings often go unnoticed; however, proper markings are essential to ensure a safe and smooth flight.



Photo Luminescent


We offer photo luminescent placards that allow you to make all your important information visible – even in darkness, such as night flights. They guarantee visibility at all times.




  • libelluleMonde   Auto extinguishable materials
  • libelluleMonde   Custom made sizing and content


Metal Photo


We offer you metal photo placards so that the information is engraved to withstand the weather and not lose its luster.




  • libelluleMonde   Anodized Aluminium
  • libelluleMonde   Heat and UV proof
  • libelluleMonde   High-resolution images
  • libelluleMonde   Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • libelluleMonde   Custom-made sizing and content




Stay in touch with your visually-impaired customers with our braille placards. You can communicate important information in a simple and effective way.




  • libelluleMonde   Excellent graphic quality
  • libelluleMonde   Interchangeable
  • libelluleMonde   Non-yellowing
  • libelluleMonde   Scratch resistant
  • libelluleMonde   Waterproof
  • libelluleMonde   Custom-made sizing and content




Stay consistent with your customers by broadcasting clear messages everyone can understand. Adapting safety messages is essential so that everyone, whether young or old, can understand them. Our placards reflect a great linguistic knowledge that applies to any kind of language.