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Our installation and removal services are one of the most comprehensive on the market and offered in a timely manner.


Our team of specialists will take care of all details and ensure that your entire fleet is identical in a snap. In addition, the removal of old floor coverings and installation can be done the same day! You gain a significant savings in time.





  • libelluleMonde   A skilled team with years of experience
  • libelluleMonde   Our team has 3M certified training
  • libelluleMonde   Installation plans allow installation with no calculations on your part, no hassle
  • libelluleMonde   Installation plans that are:
  •        o Highly precise
  •        o Very clear and simple
  •        o Easier to understand and follow
  •        o Faster to implement
  • libelluleMonde   Uninstallations and installations can be done the same day