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Acrylic Adhesives

What is an Acrylic Adhesive? Acrylic adhesive products are designed for strength and durability. Our acrylic sealants and adhesives are available as single or two-component products, and in versions that cure through exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light.

Benefits of Acrylic Adhesives include fast setting times, environmental resistance and high adhesions for difficult-to-bond substrates are among the features of our acrylic adhesive products. General Purpose Acrylic Adhesives include adhesives, acrylic sealants and structural acrylic adhesives with a wide range of performance attributes designed to meet many manufacturing challenges.

High Performance Acrylic Adhesives are available in different ranges of viscosity, fixture times and toughness for a reliable bond every time. High Temperature Acrylic Adhesives withstand the hottest temperatures, including solvent-resistant and acid-resistant formulations. Light Cure Acrylic Adhesives, UV light cure acrylic adhesives are also sterilization resistant. Structural Acrylic Adhesives include products for magnet bonding, metal bonding, and bonding of plastic and composition materials.

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