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Paste Adhesives

What are Paste Adhesives? Paste Adhesives are used where a strong, durable bond is required. They can be used for various interior and exterior aerospace applications. These applications include one-part heat curing systems, two-part room temperature curing systems and void fillers/potting compounds.

Thixotropic paste adhesives are suitable for bonding a variety of substrates, such as metal, rubber, plastics, wood and glass. They have good sag resistance and gap filling qualities. Structural paste adhesives cure at room temperature and possesses excellent high strength. The structural paste possess outstanding mechanical properties long pot life and low toxicity.

Metal filled, paste adhesives are designed to provide maximum resistance to impact, shear, cleavage and tensile loads. The durability, chemical resistance and high temperature performance are extremely good and in many applications it can replace traditional fixing techniques to give enhanced appearance and greater design flexibility.

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